Friday, February 03, 2012

4 ways B2B marketers are using Facebook (infographic)

By Michael Sebastian | Posted: February 3, 2012
Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the preferred social network for business-to-business marketing, right?

Well, wait a second.

According to one survey, 41 percent of B-to-B companies using Facebook have acquired new business through the social network. It’s detailed in this infographic San Diego Web Design & Marketing Agency, which points out the four most popular ways (according to one survey) for using Facebook for B-to-B marketing:
1. Thought leadership (59.8 percent)
2. Lead generation (48.9 percent)
3. Feedback (45.7 percent)
4. Advertising (34.7 percent)
The infographic ain’t pretty, but it’s sure packed with info:

(via Daily Infographic)

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  1. Interesting results...

    It is my opinion that one should use whatever is most effective in the tools available and to use the tools where and for the effect they are best suited.

    One thing has caught my attention in the infographics data: The amount of time people stayed connected is not proportional to the other data.
    Linkedin users stay connected less time than Facebook users.

    My idea is that professionals use the media for definite purpose. They don't usually 'loiter' in cyberspace, as much as Facebook users do.

    Using Facebook should be great in order to become 'known' and 'visible', but LinkedIn should be more effective when 'getting down to business'.

    Using the right tool for the job at hand is what I recommend.


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