Friday, February 03, 2012

4 ways B2B marketers are using Facebook (infographic)

By Michael Sebastian | Posted: February 3, 2012
Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the preferred social network for business-to-business marketing, right?

Well, wait a second.

According to one survey, 41 percent of B-to-B companies using Facebook have acquired new business through the social network. It’s detailed in this infographic San Diego Web Design & Marketing Agency, which points out the four most popular ways (according to one survey) for using Facebook for B-to-B marketing:
1. Thought leadership (59.8 percent)
2. Lead generation (48.9 percent)
3. Feedback (45.7 percent)
4. Advertising (34.7 percent)
The infographic ain’t pretty, but it’s sure packed with info:

(via Daily Infographic)