Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Ok! I did!
"ANA LUCIA AMARAL"    (ENTER and Surprise)

On July 1st., 2013:

I was informed by several Partners, Translation Agencies and Direct Clients that my name was associated with "several agencies" when they searched my name in Google, Yahoo or Bing.
They ask me:
                        Are they paying you to use your name?
                        Are you the Project Manager for the "X Agency"?
                        Are you the responsible for the last English <> Portuguese Project in the "X Agency"?
My answer for all questions: NO!              
Just in July 2013, we found 6 "Translation Agencies" using my name associated with their company in the Search Engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo).
I sent an e-mail asking about it. In the same day, 5 agencies deleted my name, but they never answer my e-mail.
I was busy and I did not have any time do check again.
Today, I had another e-mail from my Direct Client and they ask me the same: Are you employee in the "X Agency"?
"I say NO" (again).
I worked for some agencies, they contact me again but every time they complain about the rates. I understand it because my RATES are very expensive for some Agencies because we offer the best in Quality and Technology, and we just work with/for the best Translators/Companies in the World.
Anyway, I never authorized the use of MY NAME, MY CV or ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION for Personal/Professional Marketing.
All my services and technology are always available to my clients and partners, but I do not authorize any Personal/Professional Marketing without "prior written consent".
Please, if you need the best language service provider with server-based technology and the best team, make sure to send an e-mail to my ONLY e-mail:


        I sent an e-mail to this Agency about this:  
If you need my services, you're welcome to send me your project and I will provide you with an accurate quote.

Below you can find links to my LinkedIn Profile, Blog, Proz, etc., (my website is temporarily unavailable as I'm working to improve it). References are also available upon request.



Project Manager and Translator Specialized in Cloud Computing and Collaborative Translation
PRO Certified Translator
Associate Member of ATA and ATIF
Trade Languages, Inc. | Translating Your Success | Brazilian Portuguese <> Spanish <> English
Pride in everything I do | Respect everyone like a friend
Think of the environment; please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.


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